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Hello Everyone,

First and foremost, THANK YOU to EVERYONE that supported us during this difficult period. Covid-19 has taken a toll on so many of us in so many ways…..but we had you. Familiar faces made our days a little brighter and new faces gave us hope for the future. For the past 11 weeks or so, you all made fun to still be able to come to work. We’re all so very grateful.  We are enthusiastically looking forward to the day we can start putting your food on a plate instead of in a plastic container and pouring you a nice glass of wine to go with it. We can’t wait for phase 3 and 4 and ultimately a return to normal dining.  At 6PM Sunday (June 7th) we will be temporarily closing until after the July 4th Holiday. We will keep everyone posted as to our exact date of re-opening.  In addition to thanking all of the customers, on behalf of myself and my partner Tim Eberle, I want to give the most gracious and appreciative expression of gratitude to the 17 employees that banded together and electively decided to stay on. Their collective goal was to give you the best food they could through all of this without anyone getting sick and it was mission accomplished for both. You are the greatest, toughest, and hardest working people around and we appreciate each one of you. YOU are the Mulberry. I’d also like to thank those employees that offered to come back if asked.

Cheers to our customers and employees and after Sunday, we’ll see you in July!

-Joe Jerge


64 Jackson Ave.
Lackawanna, NY 14218


 or    716.822.4293